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Mark A. Hurt MD



When Dr. McKee asked me to succeed him as the chief editor of this site, my first thought was: "I'm not [i]qualified[/i] to fill such a role." He assured me I [i]was[/i] -- in his subtle and steady manner. Yet, such a transition raises a deep question: What do we owe our teachers and mentors? -- if anything.

My answer to this question is personal and even selfish. We owe our teachers and mentors the same respect we owe ourselves -- to take our work seriously, to always try to do our best work, and to listen and engage with our colleagues about all intellectual matters related to our work.

We all have a great deal to learn from each other and a great deal that we can teach each other. This love of learning is the source of all of our work and is the best insurance policy we can offer our patients, who are not usually in the position to understand what we have had the privilege to learn from their diseases.

It takes considerable courage to accept the responsibility of thinking, which is our [i]responsibility[/i] as dermatopathologists. We, who practice it, have the rare opportunity and privilege, among all those who have lived on this earth, to learn as much as we can, to apply it to benefit the lives of our patients and ourselves, and to pass our "big shoes" to the next generation.

Thank you, Dr. McKee. Now, let's get to work.


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Dr. Phillip McKee


Thanks Mark, you couldn't have put it better. I have always felt that we are given an enormous privilege by the trust patients have in us. Although our salary is obviously of great importance, the trust beats it hands down. Mind you I do remember attending a meeting of all the Faculty at BWH when our Chairman told us that our salary was going to be raised by 2 or 3 percent only but this was more than compensated by being on the Faculty of Harvard Medical School! As you can imagine, this did not cut much ice.
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