Liverpool Dermatopathology Update Course 2020 Videos

Course Programme
CPD Certificate

Session 1

Problems in melanocytic pathology and an update on dysplastic naevi, Arti Bakshi

Handout - Problems in Melanocytic Pathology

Session 2

Vascular Tumours of skin and soft tissues featuring vascular malformations, the group of angiomatoses, haemangioendotheliomas and the morphology and genetics of angiosarcoma, Thomas Mentzel

Handout - Vascular Tumours

Session 3

Approach to epidermotropic lymphoid infiltrates, Nitin Khirwadkar

Handout - Approach to Epidermotropic Lymphoid Infiltrates

Session 4

Molecular alterations in Sptizoid tumours and significance to the practising pathologist, Bob Phelps

Handout - Molecular Alterations in Sptizoid Tumours

Session 5

Interesting cases from my referral practice, Richard Carr

Handout - Interesting Cases 01 Handout - Interesting Cases 02

Session 6

Differential diagnosis of superficial spindle cell neoplasms, Thomas Mentzel

Handout - Differential diagnosis of Superficial Spindle Cell Neoplasms

Session 7

Challenging melanocytic lesions, Patrick Shenjere

Handout - Challenging Melanocytic Lesions

Session 8

Non-melanocytic dermatopathology cases, Bob Phelps

Handout - Non-Melanocytic Dermatopathology Cases

Session 9

Non-melanocytic dermatopathology cases, Arti Bakshi

Handout - Non-Melanocytic Dermatopathology Cases