NY Dermatopathology Update Symposium

21st - 22nd June 2019

Platinum Sponsor: PathPresenter
Organised by DermpathPRO

Venue: New York Hilton Midtown

Update on Melanocytic Proliferations, Adnexal Tumors, Soft Tissue Neoplasms and Inflammatory Dermatoses by a highly distinguished International faculty


  • Steve Billings, MD
  • Nooshin Brinster, MD
  • Klaus Busam, MD
  • Clay Cockerell, MD
  • Dirk Elston, MD
  • Jerad Gardner, MD
  • Matthew Goldberg, MD
  • Christine Ko, MD
  • Robert Phelps, MD
  • Victor Prieto, MD
  • Ronald Rapini, MD
  • Rajendra Singh, MD

Principal Director

  • Rajendra Singh, MD

Associate Directors

  • Iskander Chaudhry, MD
  • Clay Cockerell, MD
  • Robert Phelps, MD


  • Attendees will review virtual slides over the cloud prior to attending the course
  • Faculty will review the same slides in course with differential diagnosis and clinico-pathological correlation
  • Attendees can be onsite or view live lectures from anywhere in the world
  • Recorded lectures will be available to attendees after the course
  • Virtual slides will be available to view after the course


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21 June 2019

22 June 2019

Morning Session


Soft Tissue Neoplasms

Steve Billings, MD (Chair)

Jerad Gardner, MD

Victor Prieto MD

Rajendra Singh, MD


Melanocytic Proliferations

Clay Cockerell, MD (Chair)

Dirk Elston, MD

Robert Phelps, MD

Victor Prieto, MD




08:00-09:00 Update on Adult and Pediatric Fibrohistiocytic Tumors-Steve Billings


09:00-09:30 Vascular Lesions-Steve Billings


09:45-10:30 Adipocytic, Neural, Skeletal lesions: potential pitfalls in diagnosis and use of ancillary investigations-Jerad Gardner


10:30-11:00 Diagnosing lesions of Uncertain histogenesis-Jerad Gardner


11:00-12:30 Slide Seminar Cases (12 cases)


08:00-08:40 Historic and current understanding of Dysplastic Nevi-Victor Prieto


08:40-09:20 Spitzoid and dermal pigmented melanocytic proliferations-Robert Phelps


09:20-10:00 The many faces of Melanoma-Dirk Elston


10:20-11:00 Molecular aspects of melanoma-diagnosis, prognosis and treatment-Clay Cockerell


11:00-12:30 Slide Seminar Cases (12 cases)

Afternoon Session


Adnexal Tumors

Victor Prieto, MD (Chair)

Robert Phelps, MD

Rajendra Singh, MD

Garrett Desman, MD


Inflammatory Dermatoses

Ronald Rapini, MD (Chair)

Nooshin Brinster, MD

Christine Ko, MD

Dirk Elston, MD

Dermpath Blitz Short Course

Dirk Elston, MD(Chair)

Clay Cockerell, MD

Matthew Goldberg MD

Ronald Rapini, MD

Rajendra Singh, MD




14:00-14:40 Spectrum of Follicular neoplasms-Rajendra Singh


14:40-15:30 Current concepts in Eccrine/apocrine neoplasms-Robert Phelps


15:30-16:00 Sebaceous neoplasms and Muir Torre Syndrome -Garrett Desman


16:20-17:00 Recently described and controversial adnexal neoplasms-Victor Prieto


17:00-18:30 Slide Seminar Cases (12 cases)

14:00-14:40 Approach to Inflammatory lesions-Ronald Rapini


14:40-15:20 Perivascular Dermatitis and Vasculopathy-Nooshin Brinster


15:20- 16:20 Approach to Alopecia-Dr. Elston


1620-1700 Approach to Bullous Dermatoses-Christine Ko


17:00-18:30 Slide Seminar Cases (12 cases)


14:00-14:45 Dirk Elston, MD


14:45-15:30 Matthew Goldberg, MD

16:00-16:45 Ronald Rapini, MD


16:45-173:0 Rajendra Singh, MD

17:30-18:15 Clay Cockerell, MD