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Case Number : IM0002 Limin Yu

Please read the clinical history and view the images by clicking on them before you proffer your diagnosis.
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This is a lesion on the right preauricular area of a 11 yo girl.

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Heba Rashad - Atypical fibroxanthosma??

Victor Delgado - AFX

IgorSC - Atypical fibroxanthoma, maybe this young patient has XP.
Vincenzo Polizzi - Agree. 
Dr. Mona Abdel-Halim - AFX but I was puzzled by the age!! Underlying XP is a lovely possibility...
Arash Daryakar - Agree with possibility of AFX.

Robledo F. Rocha - Atypical fibroxanthoma. Given the age of the patient, I like Igor’s suggestion about this lesion may have arisen in the background of xeroderma pigmentosum.

Guest Elsadat abdelsalam - Atypical Fibroxanthoma

Nitin Khirwadkar - AFX. Like the suggestion of XP made by Robledo.

Limin Yu - Your guys are awesome. This is an AFX. The patient's age isn't right -- don't remember it exactly is. The patient's is in her seventies or eighties. 

Alice Roberts - Well that makes more sense lol

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