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Special Modules cover selected topics in dermatopathology consisting of 15 - 25 cases illustrating a broad range of diagnoses. The module editors are specialists in their field and not only provide high quality photomicrographs but also detailed commentary with additional pearls gained from their diagnostic experience which they have built up over many years.

Modules available in the member's area are listed below:

Inflammatory Dermatoses by Dr Phililip McKee

Inflammatory dermatoses in a challenge to even the experienced dermatopathologist. This module covers a broad range of inflammatory dermatoses with an emphasis on clinical pathological correlation and differential diagnosis... More
Soft tissue tumors by Dr Alexander Lazar and Dr Kristopher Michael Mckay

Spindle cell neoplasm superficial to the skin can have quite varied morphological appearances. The highly acclaimed authors have selected 27 cases each with multiple differential diagnosis to help
the user in their routine practise... More
Infectious diseases by Wayne Grayson

Despite a reduction in the presentation of infectious agents in many countries globalization has made it possible for the presentation of the most exotic conditions in the most unlikely places! These high quality cases provide images and comments on the common and
exotic ... More
Video case presentations by Dr Phillip McKee

These set of interesting cases on melanocytic and non-melanocytic conditions each have an accompanying video tutorial by Dr Phillip McKee emphasizing salient morphological features and a discussion around the topic area. Dr McKee gives an approach to a range of
difficult cases and how he would report them... More
Lympho-proliferative disorders by Dr John Goodlad

It is essential for every skin pathologist to have the right approach to be able to distinguish neoplastic lymphoid conditions from pseudo-lymphomas. This module highlights key morphological features in helping to distinguish such entities... More
Oral Pathology by Dr Sook-Bin Woo

Oral pathology is a specialized area and this module has been compiled by the renowned author Dr Sook-Bin Woo. The comments and reasoning are detailed allowing the user to better understand the topic... More
Melanocytic proliferations by Dr Wolter J.

Melanocytic proliferations pose a diagnostic challenge due to the common occurrence of atypical features! This series of cases looks at these conditions in detail having been compiled by the world
renowned author Dr Wolter J. Mooi... More
Adnexal Tumours by Dr Richard Carr

Classification of adnexal tumours and the array of possible entities can be a source of frustration to dermatopathologists, young and old! This module deals with common adnexal tumours as well as those that show overlapping features... More
Alopecia Module by Dr. Lynne Goldberg

Alopecia is a challenging topic even for the experienced Skin Pathologist. To address this Dr. Lynne Goldberg has complied a series of cases covering scarring and non scarring alopecia....More
Clinical Dermatology Module by Dr. Sasi Attili

This is an introductory module on Clinical Dermatology. It covers a number of skin disorders with a useful commentary by Dr Sasi Attili.Dr Sasi also runs his own website which we would encourage you to visit:..More
Clinical Module by Prof H Francois Jordaan

A good dermatopathologist should be able to recognise common dermatological conditions. The module has been produced by Prof H Francois Jordaan a world renowned Dermatologist from South Africa..More
Lymphoma Module by Dr. Lyn McDivitt Duncan, Dr. Amrita Goyal and Dr. Christopher Elco
Although cutaneous lymphomas are rare, they can offer a significant diagnostic challenge for both the clinician and pathologist. This module presents a series of 15 clinical cases...More

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