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London Dermatopathology Symposium

Digital Conference 2021

Live streaming scheduled on 15th July 2021

Organised by London Dermatopathology Symposium

For Registration - Please visit www.londondermpath.com


Session TitleSpeaker(s)
Molecular Testing in Melanocytic PathologyMichael Tetzlaff (USA)
Cutaneous Lymphoma – Diagnostic Features and Common MimicsDavid Cassarino (USA)
Clinical Approach to Dermatological ConditionsRobert Phelps (USA)
My Approach to Challenging Melanocytic ProliferationsAkhtar Husain (UK)
Update on Merkel Cell CarcinomaMichael Tetzlaff (USA)
Clues in DermatopathologyAkhtar Husain (UK)
Desmoplastic MelanomaMichael Tetzlaff (USA)
Dermatopathology in the Digital WorldCurtis Thompson (USA)
My Approach to Malignant Cutaneous Adnexal TumorsDavid Cassarino (USA)
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