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Difficult Opinion Cases

Purpose: to give members the chance to share interesting or difficult cases and obtain an expert opinion. This is not a referral or formal consultation service and standard channels should be followed if you require such an opinion. In the United States, the service should be regarded as the equivalent of a curbside opinion.
Please note the opinions and names of the individuals commenting on the case must not under any circumstances be included in the report generated on the case.

What to do if you want to submit a case:

Preparing the case:
• This service is only open to subscribed members
• Provide a full clinical history
• Proivde any additional information related to the case
• Provide high resolution photomicrographs
• Provide images of ancillary investigations e.g. special stains, immuno-histochemistry, Molecular results etc.
• Maximum of 20 images in total.

Sending the case:
• Email the history and images to: expertcases@dermpathpro.com
• We will acknowledge you by email
• The images will be reviewed by a dermatopathologist to ensure that the quality is acceptable for diagnosis – if not the case will be returned and a request for new images will be made

What to expect:
A panel of expert dermatopathologists will be invited to comment on the case. There is no obligation on the panel members to comment. There is no specific designated time for comment although it is anticipated this will be within a week of posting. If comments are not received in this time the case will be removed after a reminder is sent to the panel.
The panel will include Mark Hurt, MD., Phillip McKee, MD., FRCPath, Philip Leboit, MD., Nooshin Brinster, MD.,  Alex Lazaar, MD & PhD, Dmitry Kazakov and Hafeez Diwan, MD.

If you require further information please contact info@dermpathpro.com

Difficult Opinion Cases are viewed by International experts in Dermatopathology

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