Spot diagnoses are cases submitted by Dr Phillip McKee on a daily basis to challenge the best of dermatopathologists and dermatologists! Each case has minimal history and up to 4 photomicrographic images. Users can view the cases and submit their diagnoses.

To date there are over 450 spot diagnosis cases in the members area with associated commentary on each case from dermatopathologists around the world!

It is an excellent way of maintaining your knowledge without consuming lots of time! We consider it one of your five a day! Click on the link below to view todays spot diagnosis!

You can also view cases on MSL Dermatopato: ( hosted by Dr Marcela Saeb Lima.

Daily Spot Diagnosis: the correct diagnosis will be posted by 2 p.m. St. Louis time (8 p.m. U.K. time). Why not view the most recent spot diagnosis and proffer a diagnosis?