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Why not subscribe to this fabulous site? There is a wealth of cases ranging from spot diagnoses to specialist modules by experts in the field. The site also has regular blogs and news articles.

12 reasons you should sign up!

There are many benefits to signing up:

  • Daily spot diagnoses you can view and proffer a diagnosis!

  • Weekly Case Videos from our massive range of Dermpath videos

  • Access any of the 100+ Videos from our recent DermpathPro-run Courses, Conferences and Symposia

  • 200 Selections in a quiz format.

  • You will receive the monthly DermPathPro Newsletter.

  • Special Modules covering inflammatory diseases, adnexal tumors, soft tissue tumors, lymphoid proliferations, melanocytic pathology, infectious skin diseases and oral pathology.

  • Regular blogs and news articles.

  • An ongoing list of cases added each month!

  • Members can create their own focus groups on the site.

  • Search up coming events and take advantage of 'amazing' EARLY BIRD offers.

  • Download and edit dermatopathology PowerPoint presentations.

  • Share useful links and documents on the resource pages.

  • Dermatopathology Members.

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