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Case Number : IM0008 Dr. Richard Carr

Please read the clinical history and view the images by clicking on them before you proffer your diagnosis.
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F80. Ayptical mole on the wrist. Curetted.

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Anil Patki - Pigmented seborrhoeic keratosis

Dr. Mona Abdel-Halim - Reticulated seb k, but do not know what is going in the dermis (first image) from this magnification. Otherwise, reticulated seb K. 

Urmilapandey - wondering if there is cystic invagination  in image 1

Vincenzo Polizzi - Yes, SK, reticulated type, agree! A typical example of what may happens in pathology: sometimes the diagnostically easiest lesion become the most difficult one....!

Anil Patki - One may call it acanthotic type rather than reticulated. Reticulum= net and reticulated SK should show a network of thin strands of keratinocytes.

Nitin Khirwadkar - Pigmented Seb K/actinic lentigo. As Mona has pointed out, not sure what is happening in the dermis in the first image ? some calcification

Dr. Richard Carr - Dear All. Diagnosis: Seborrhoeic keratosis with pale basal keratinocytes mimicking atypical basal melanocytic proliferation. Have a great weekend! 

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