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Dr. Mona Abdel-Halim


In our very busy daily lives, we should not forget our basic job as parents. Our children's need for unconditional love should be adequately fulfilled for them to grow into confident and productive adults.

Many parents suffer misbehaviors from their children, drop in school performances and anti-social attitudes and they cannot explain why their children are not behaving well. Actually if children feel genuinely loved by their parents, they will be more responsive to parental guidance in all aspects of their lives. All of us as parents say we love our children, but do our children really feel our love? The reality is that many children are not feeling their parental love because parents are not speaking their children's love language? Is there a love language?? The answer is: YES !!

As part of my extra career readings, I have read this interesting book of Gary Chapman and Ross Campell , "The five love languages of children". The authors state that there are five languages of love. Each of our children is unique in his love language. While children usually need a mix of each of the five languages, each child needs lots of his unique love language for him to feel really loved by his parents. These five languages are: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gifts and acts of service. The art of effective parenting is to identify the unique love language of each of your children and to provide him/her with enough amount of it. The emotional bucket of our children should be always filled with love, unconditional love. This emotional bucket is like the petrol tank of your vehicle. They have to feel this unconditional love in order to have strong self esteem and to grow into mature and confident adults. I advise you all to read this book as it will give you lots of ideas to make your children's life flourish with love.


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