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The cell that is bothering everyone!!

Dr. Mona Abdel-Halim


The fat cell, this lovely looking cell that constitute the bulk of the subcutaneous fat is a very annoying cell to many people nowadays!! With the stressful hectic life styles that most of us are living nowadays and with the increased availability of fast food shops, selling junk food, the incidence of obesity is increasing.

With the increased awareness of comorbidities associated with obesity, many people are seeking obesity clinics. Many techniques are evolving to get rid of excess fat such as mesotherapy, laser and ultrasound cavitation devices, liposuction, in addition to operations targeting reduction in stomach size.

I think the best thing in this weight control issue is to develop and maintain healthy life styles that outsmart the fat cell itself. Debra Waterhouse wrote a very interesting book called "Outsmarting the female fat cell" that presents a revolutionary program for weight control. Although it is targeting mainly females as they are more prone to obesity than males, still the life style changes promoted by this book can be adopted by both sexes.
The principles of a healthy life style according to this book are:
1. Stop restrictive dieting.
2. Eat frequent small meals: instead of the tradition of three main meals, it is important to respond to your hunger signals and whenever you feel hungry just eat a small snack.
3. Be a day eater: avoid late dinners.
4. Balance your fat: the author recommends for every high fat component in your meal, there must be three low fat components, for every high fat meal in a day there must be three low fat meals and for every high fat day, there must be three low fat days.
5. Feed your body and not your fat cell: by avoiding overeating. You have to teach your body to stop eating while you are still not completely full and never eat while you are not actually hungry.
6. Aerobicise your fat cells: three times weekly aerobic exercising of 45 minutes is important to ensure regular burning out of excess calories.

By following these principles, a true change in your life style will be achieved towards a healthier style.

What does this blog have to do with dermatopathologists?!!
We need it a lot!!!
Among our busy schedules and heavy workload, we should not forget ourselves !!!


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