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Dr. Mona Abdel-Halim


As part of upgrading my dermatopathology skills, I have planned to attend a meeting every year where I meet dermatopathologists from around the world, see interesting cases and know about updates in the field. This year, The Annual Updates in Dermatopathology Meeting, at St. Thomas Hospital arranged by Dr Eduardo Calonje, was my target. Thanks God, London was sunny!!

It was an excellent day where I have attended interesting presentations and have seen cases related to many topics such as sweat gland carcinomas, vascular tumors, soft tissue tumors, lymphomas as well as adverse reactions to targeted anti cancer therapies. I learned about new entities such as endocrine producing sweat gland carcinoma and cutaneous syncytial myoepithelioma. I was amused by the great advance in FISH studies of Spitzoid tumors.

Such meetings are not only of scientific benefits but also they provide excellent opportunity for socialization among doctors in the same discipline. I had a great chance meeting two persons who had participated a lot in refining my dermatopathology skills: Dr Richard Carr and Dr Saleem Taibjee. I have got to know them for few years from the website which I consider as my home, DermpathPRO. Many others recognized me also from my photo on this website. What a small world we live in!!!! We all, as human beings, are connected, we share so many values, interests and passions. Together, we can contribute a lot to mankind. To me, nothing is better than teaching others and spreading knowledge and information. Wish one day that things get better in my country and I become able to arrange such an exciting meeting by the Pyramids or by the Nile.


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Robledo F. Rocha


Dear Mona,

Hope things become better soon in Egypt. This will not only create a pacific environment for harmonious coexistence in a free and pluralistic society, but also will permit us to attend an unforgettable meeting on Dermatopathology in your wonderful country.

Best regards,
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