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A step in making a change

Dr. Mona Abdel-Halim


[b]Mona R.E. Abdel Halim MD Dermatology, Diploma of Dermatopathology (ICDP-UEMS)[/b]

Two weeks ago was our annual meeting of the Dermatology Department, Cairo University. Alongside the meeting several workshops were carried out. This was the second time we have organized a Dermatopathology workshop. Last year the workshop was designed to cover major tissue reaction patterns and this year we covered epidermal tumors, adnexal tumors and cutaneous cysts (basic level).

The interest for dermatopathology in Egypt is growing. We feel it is our responsibility as an established Dermatopathology Unit in the biggest university in Egypt to pave the road for those who are really passionate and wants to learn dermatopathology. I was very happy this year as we have upgraded our teaching facilities by buying a new microscope with an integrated camera for live video transmission on a HD LED screen. This system has become an added tool that really made a difference in our teaching capabilities. Inspired by Dermatopathology courses that I have attended abroad, we arranged with an agent of a reputable microscope company to sponsor us with 10 single observer microscopes. The workshop was conducted on two days. The second day was dedicated to the candidates for self-studying of all the slides given in the workshop (a total of 31 slides), each candidate on his own single observer microscope. At the end of the workshop, we performed a self-assessment for the candidates.

The whole experience was amazing and feedback was excellent. Personally, looking at the candidates sitting in front of their microscopes during their self-studying session made me feel very happy. Upgrading workshop standards to an international level thrilled me a lot. I hope that together with my colleagues we can make a difference and induce a real jump in the Dermatopathology practice in Egypt.


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