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Dermatopathology has reached the App Store!!!

Dr. Mona Abdel-Halim


The world today is advancing so rapidly in the field of communication technology. Both Apple and Samsung companies are competing vigorously and great advances in the smart phone technologies emerge so fast that one cannot keep up with. Nowadays, you can instantly download a wide range of applications on your phone that really can help you in many aspects of your life.

One day I wondered about dermatopathology related applications, are they available?!! Interestingly, I found an application called "myDermPath2.0" on the App store. It is a user-friendly interactive application both for learning and practicing dermatopathology. It provides many functions: a simple algorithm to follow for achieving a diagnosis, a tool to search by diagnoses, a guide for special stains, immunohistochemistry panels, algorithm for immunoflourescence, glossary of terms and finally a pop quiz!!!

This application was developed by: Dr Rajendra Singh, Dr Dirk Elston and Dr Tammie Ferringer. I found it a lovely application that can give dermatopathology residents and practicing dermatopathologists a fast pocket aid in the office. I thought of sharing this with you and I would love to read about your experience with such applications.


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Thanks Mona. I see that it is a paid app. Would be nice for them to have a 1-2 day trial so that we can check it out before we buy!

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Dr. Phillip McKee


Again, thanks Mona. I had not heard of this application. Mind you the technical advances are quite amazing. One can look for example at this website on an cell phone, Kindle etc. I cannot imagine what the future holds for us. Perhaps we should be grateful for being born when histopathologists still exist. It may well be that some time in the not so far off future that we will be replaced by machines!!
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