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Case Number : CT0003 Leena Joseph

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77 years-old female, lesion left shin ?BCC ?SCC

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Dr. Phillip McKee - Thanks again for all your kind comments yesterday. I will still be looking at the difficult cases etc, but I have handed over the lead role to Mark Hurt, who I know will be a wonderful replacement. I can see the site growing from strength to strength under his leadership.

Guest Romualdo - This is a clear cell acanthoma. A happy retirement to you, Dr. McKee!!!
Guest Hazem Hamed - Dear Dr McKee, Thank you for your great effort in teaching us and wish you the best in your retirement.
Agree, this is a clear cell acanthoma.
Robledo F. Rocha - A sharply demarcated psoriasiform hyperplasia of the epidermis showing clear cell change, loss of the granular layer, and some neutrophilic exocytosis. This is a beautiful case of clear cell acanthoma. Edited June 18, 2013 by Guest
Guest Rodrigo Restrepo - Dear Dr Mckee. it’s been a pleasure working with you. I hope you enjoy your retirement and all your future expectations be fulfilled.
My diagnosis for this case is clear cell acanthoma.
Guest Maria George - Romualdo and other coleagues, clear cell acanthoma.
Guest Graham Reilly - I agree clear cell acanthoma. All the best to Dr Phillip Mckee - thank you for all your input to the site and enjoy your retirement in France.
Guest Amira Tawdy - Agree with clear cell acanthoma. Dear Dr Mckee nothing is enough to express our gratitude to you and to your wonderful site , thank you our dear professor and hoping you best retirement.
Guest Bansal - Agree, clear cell acanthoma
Guest Marcia - Agree, clear cell acanthoma
Dr. Mona Abdel-Halim - Beautiful clear cell acanthoma...
Mark A. Hurt MD - Clear (Pale) cell acanthoma. Thank you, Phillip, for that vote of encouragement. Very best. Mark
Iskander H. Chaudhry - I can confirm the correct diagnosis is clear cell acanthoma. Edited June 21, 2013 by Guest
Guest Jim Davie MD - Nice example of clear cell acanthoma, with classic presentation on leg of a female. Clonal population of clear cells (sharply demarcated with respect to adjacent epidermis with no pagetoid spread), presence of sparse individual neutrophils in the spinous layer, absence of granular layer with sparse parakeratosis, and "random" rectangular vs. jagged hyperplasia of the epidermis that contrasts with the more regular hyperplasia of psoriasis.

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