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Male 29 years who presented with erythematous to brown plaques on his nose and cheeks.

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Richard A Carr - Hello, I am filling in for Phillip this week. This is indeed granuloma faciale. A The grenz zone, sparing of perifollicular mesenchyme, slight perivascular accentuation, mixed infiltrate of eosinophils, neutrophils, histicytes and lymphocytes is highly distinctive even at low power. Fibrin may be appreciated in some cases but is usually subtle. A perl's stain for iron can highlight haemosidering but is usually not needed for diagnosis. That said because the condition is relatively uncommon to general histopathologists. I have seen several cases going undiagnosed including one case reported as ?lymphoma ?pseudolymphoma (undiagnosed for 12 years despite being a spot diagnosis). Regards to all.

Abdul-kadir (ST2 histopath) - A good point raised by Zena - Although GF is found in the vasculitis chapters of textbooks, they then go on to say that leukocytoclastic vasculitis may or may not be seen (so presumably it's not a criterion for diagnosis).

Juan Carlos Garcés - Granuloma faciale

Zena Slim - would be in keeping with Granuloma Faciale..must we see leukocytoclastic vasculitic to make a firm diagnosis?

Mona Abdel Halim - Granuloma faciale

Rodrigo Restrepo - Granuloma faciale

Marwa Fawzy - Granuloma faciale

MSMD - Granuloma faciale, nice case

Lina Espinosa - Granuloma faciale

Amira Tawdy - Granuloma faciale

Wilber J. Martínez C. - Granuloma faciale

Yüksel Okumuş - Granuloma faciale

Abdul-kadir - Granuloma faciale.

Engin Sezer - Granuloma faciale

Hazem Hamed - Granuloma faciale

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