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Female 76 years, develops unusual tethered areas on arms at site of fentanyl patches for rheumatoid arthritis.

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Guest - Mid-dermal elastolysis
Guest Guillermo Solis - Agree mid dermal elastolysis
Guest Rodrigo Restrepo - Mid-dermal elastolysis
Guest Dr Engin Sezer - Mid-dermal elastolysis

Guest Dr Wilber Martínez - Mid-dermal elastolysis

Dr. Mona Abdel-Halim - Beautiful demonstration of mid dermal elastolysis.
Dr. Phillip McKee - It certainly at first sight with the EVG looks like mid-dermal elastolysis. It was a case kindly shared with me by Richard Carr and was reported as steroid atrophy and mid-dermal scarring due to trauma at the site of removal of adhesive fentanyl patches. It certainly emphasizes the importance of clinicopathological correlation. There is epidermal atrophy and mid dermal scarring (best seen in Figs 1 & 2) hence the loss of elastic tissue.

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