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Case Number : Case 1641 - 10 October Posted By: Guest

Please read the clinical history and view the images by clicking on them before you proffer your diagnosis.
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The patient is a 53-year-old woman with a history of systemic sarcoidosis and presents with multiple, white, 0.1 cm to 0.3 cm papules with positive koebnerization.

Case Posted by Dr Mark Hurt

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Apologies for slight delay in getting today's case online, we are mid-update on the website.


Cheers, Geoff Cross

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Mark A. Hurt MD


My diagnosis was lichen nitidus.  I realize that this looks a lot like LP, but clinically it was LN, and the other lesion (not shown) was classic with the "ball and claw" pattern.  I showed this lesion because it was more challenging.

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