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Case Number : Case 2202 - 16 November 2018 Posted By: Dr. Richard Carr

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F70. Tip of nose. Incidental finding in excision for nodular BCC

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My differential diagnosis is benign follicular tumorlet vs. another basal cell carcinoma. I favor follicular tumorlet because of the convoluted architecture. My understanding is that basaloid follicular hamartoma is a evenly spaced multifocal lesion in the superficial dermis, unlike what we see here. But please correct me if I am wrong...

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Posted (edited)

Acquired  Basaloid Follicular Hamartoma is a well known incidentale finding in skin around BCC. No BerEp4, no epithelial-stromal clefts, no mucin are more in keeping with BFH. No keratin cysts,no specialized(papillary mesenchimal body-like)stroma, no peripheral palizade make  me favor BFH over TE.  So agree with Alex. 

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Dr. Richard Carr


Whoops sorry for the late response. It's not BFH (i'd expect BFH to be BerEP4+ & CD10+ (epithelilial) just like BCC but have some dendritic Merkel cells on CK20).

So I thought the lesion was a mantleoma (mantle cell hyperplasia, folliculocentric basaloid proliferation and basaloid follicular hyperplasia or follicular tumourlet are probably all synonymous). I thought there was a hint of sebaceous differentiation here. 

BTW papillary mesenchymal cells are not present in either BFH or mantleoma.

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