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The definition of a mistake in the practice of clinical medicine

Recently I was discussing a situation at my institution with another colleague. A mutual colleague was sharing a service with a senior pathologist and they were the only two pathologists with specialized expertise in this area at the institution. The two service providers disagreed over a particular diagnosis for a case. Unfortunately, the senior pathologist thought that her junior colleague's interpretation was 'a mistake' and made the decision to not share a portion of the service with him. On

Uma Sundram

Uma Sundram

Pathology’s little secret

When asked to contribute something to the Dermpath pro blog site, I thought I would ruminate on a topic close to my heart. When we speak to our non-pathology clinical colleagues, they often think of pathologists as the ‘final say’ in diagnosis. “We can only guess at the diagnosis but you guys tell us EXACTLY what the diagnosis is”. While it’s great to feel omniscient, as pathologists we know how slippery this slope really is. Arriving at the appropriate diagnosis is very tricky, especi

Uma Sundram

Uma Sundram

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