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Congratulations to those who passed the European Dermpath Exam

Dr. Richard Carr


I want to congratulate my friend (and pupil) Dr Nick Turnbull who has just found out he has passed the European/International dermpath exam. This is brilliant as I think New Zealand has not got too many board qualified dermatopathologists and Nick as a dermatologist certainly made an extra-ordinary effort to learn dermatopathology in the last few years.

I also want to congratulate anyone else and to those who failed encourage them to persist.


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Robledo F. Rocha


I learned from [url="https://dermpathpro.com/user/548-tiberiu-tebeica/"]Dr. Tiberiu Tebeica[/url]’s facebook page that he also has successfully passed the ICDP-UEMS Board Certifying Examination for Special Qualification in Dermatopathology. A couple of years ago, my fiend [url="https://dermpathpro.com/user/456-igorsc/"]Dr. Igor Santos Costa[/url] were approved in the same exam. It’s very nice discuss daily challenging and interesting cases with such high qualified dermatopathologists.
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Dr. Mona Abdel-Halim


Dr Carr: do u mean by the European/International exam, the ICDP-UEMS exam held in Frankfurt? Five from Egypt (myself, Dr Eman El Nabarawy, Dr Amira Tawdy, Dr Marwa Fawzy and Dr Anoud Zaidan have also passed this speciality qualifying exam). Dr Anoud Zidan was the first to go for the exam, then Eman, Marwa and I went in December 2009, then Amira in December 2010. Dr Anoud Zidan is currently in St Jones Institute of Dermatology doing an attachment with Dr Calonje..
As u said Robledo, it is exciting to be learning together in this wounderful website and getting to know such a group of wounderful dermatopathologists.
I remember in London last year in the Dermatopathology Updates course of Dr Calonje, I met Dr Carr and Dr Nick and Dr Saleem Taibjee.. it was really exciting...
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