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Exclusive discount for Residents and Fellows aligned to Institutions of Invited Faculty.

The New York Dermatopathology Review Course

Running in its second year, with excellent feedback from delegates!

A two day practical course in Dermatopathology designed for dermatologists, pathologists, residents, fellows and faculty. 

Delivered by highly distinguished specialists from across the USA.


•  First course using PathPresenter Digital Pathology integration of cases into presentations.

•  First course ever with Live Streaming of the Course and FULL access to case materials one month prior and after.

•  ALL sessions recorded in HD and then available using FREE three-month DermpathPRO full membership subscription.

•  ALL sessions will be streamed live using GoToWebinar for FULL remote course participation (same course fee).


9th & 10th June 2017


-  Introduction to Reaction Patterns

-  Inflamatory Dermatosis-Spongiotic, Interface, Psoriasiform

-  Perivascular Dermatitis and Vasculopathy

-  Vesiculobullous Disorders

-  Granulomatous, Fibrosing and Deposition Disorders

-  Alopecia

-  Infections

-  Epidermal Neoplasms/Cysts

-  Adnexal Neoplasms

-  Melanocytic Neoplasms

-  Soft Tissue Neoplasms

-  Lymphomas and Histiocytic Disorders


Programme Directors:

-  Dr. Iskander H. Chaudhry    -  Dr. Robert Phelps    -  Dr. Rajendra Singh


Symposium Speakers:

Dr.  Nooshin Brinster    Dr.  Garett Desman    Dr.  Dirk Elston

Dr.  Robert Phelps    Dr.  Ronald P. Rapini    Dr.  Jane Grant-Kels 

Dr.  Christine Ko    Dr.  Shawn Cowper    Dr.  Matt Goldberg 

Dr.  Rajendra Singh


Register Now!!


1.  Select the paypal button and select either online or @venue depending on if you are planning on attending the venue in person or just joining us online.

2.  Then email info@dermpathpro.com with your name, your institution and confirmation of your paypal booking, and we will email you back within 24 hours with your confirmed place and further details about the course.

3.  If you're a resident or fellow we would need an email confirmation from your Programme Director or equivalent confirmation (certificate/ other documentation).



Exclusive discount for Residents and Fellows aligned to Institutions of Invited Faculty. (live or online):   Course Fee: Only $50

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Contact Us:   info@dermpathpro.com


* Residents will need to provide proof that they are residents to receive the discount.






Mount Sinai Hospital,

1470 Madison Avenue,

New York, NY 10029

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