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Liverpool Dermatopathology Update Course 2018

Title Clinical History Case Links
Case 1 37M. Axillary LN biopsy. Previous history of partial nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma and excision of benign adnexal tumour from axilla 2 years back. View Case
Case 2 51M. Multiple bilaterally symmetrical nodules and papules elbows, knees and legs with an associated petechial rash. View Case
Case 3 70F. ?Cystic lesion with ulceration. Previous incision and drainage. View Case
Case 4 20F. Three month history of polypoidal lesion back - prone to trauma. View Case
Case 5 64M. Multiple nodules both shins, six weeks. History of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease View Case
Case 6 78F. Started on Warfarin 3 months ago. Tender plaques medial thigh developed purpuric and indurated areas. View Case
View Case
Case 7 60M. Livedoid rash over abdomen and legs for 9 months associated with severe pain in joints. ?vasculitis ?connective tissue disorder View Case
Case 8 70M. Incisional biopsies mid-back. ? CTCL ?lupus View Case
Case 9 26M. Immuno-compromised, generalised rash. Biopsy from the hand. View Case
Case 10 22F. Nodule post auricular. ?pyogenic granuloma. View Case
Case 11 30F. Deep cyst on back. View Case
Case 12 Subcutenous nodule perianal. View Case
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