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200 Online Selections

200 Online Self Assessment Cases

Online Revision Course by Dr Iskander H. Chaudhry and Dr Phillip McKee

This online course has 200 cases accessible in an easy to use, test yourself format. For each case you are given a clinical history and a series of high quality photomicrographic images to view. There is a dropdown list of diagnoses to choose from. After you make your selection the correct diagnosis is given with a detailed commentary on the case.

  • High quality images
  • 200 cases each with detailed text
  • Over 800 photomicrographic images
  • Image clues and detailed comments
  • Variable case mix useful for trainees preparing for exams

24 Virtual Image Cases

24 Virtual Image Cases

Virtual Dermatopathology Cases by Dr Phillip McKee

This unique virtual Skin Pathology Course allows users to examine high resolution images of the entire glass slide. Clinical details are provided and users are given the opportunity to test their diagnostic abilities! The cases cover the following topics: adnexal tumors, problematic melanocytic lesions, granulomatous dermatoses, malignant epidermal tumors and vesiculo-bullous conditions.

  • High resolution virtual images
  • Detailed text provided on each case
  • Easy to use online software
  • Difficult areas of Dermatopathology covered
  • Challenging case mix

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