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Case 01 28-year-old male with multiple violaceous nodules on right lower leg. View
Case 02 71-year-old woman with a palpable 2 cm breast mass. View
Case 03 11-year-old girl with a left ring finger pulp lesion View
Case 04 76-year-old male with a 2.9 cm preauricular subcutaneous soft tissue mass View
Case 05 40-year-old male with grouped violaceous papules on the chest View
Case 06 27-year-old female with a distal extremity soft tissue mass. Will be available soon
Case 07 70-year-old male with a 25 cm retroperitoneal mass. View
Case 08 65-year-old woman with a 4cm right arm mass. View
Case 09 37-year-old female with a 2.5 cm thyroid lesion. Remote history of left lower extremity sarcoma. View
Case 10 3-year-old male with a 3 cm right upper extremity subcutaneous mass. View
Case 11 45-year-old morbidly obese female with pendulous inner thigh mass. View
Case 12 30-year-old female with a right arm mass. Will be available soon
Case 13 23-year-old male with a 4.8 cm scalp mass. View
Case 14 80-year-old male with a 5 cm scalp nodule. View
Case 15 20-year-old female with a 2cm neck lesion. Will be available soon
Case 16 70-year-old male with a papule on the right upper back. View
Case 17 55 year-old male with a 10cm left thigh mass. View
Case 18 43-year-old female with a pelvic mass. View
Case 19 39-year-old male with a right thigh nodule. View
Case 20 40-year-old female with a left C2 paraspinal mass. View
Case 21 34-year-old female with a subcutaneous soft tissue lesion of the right middle finger. Will be available soon
Case 22 75 year-old male with a left arm lesion. View
Case 23 40-year-old male with inner left arm lesion near elbow . View
Case 24 30-year-old telephone lineman presented with a 2.5 cm right palmar mass, first noticed after an injury with a hammer. Will be available soon
Case 25 42-year-old female with a maxillary sinus mass. View
Case 26 21-year old female with a lung mass. Will be available soon
Case 27 46-year-old female with a 5 cm mass in the wall of the small intestine. View
Case 28 2-year-old male with a kidney mass. Will be available soon
Case 29 1-year-old male with a 1cm mass in the right heel. View
Case 30 54-year-old female with a well circumscribed 5.5cm left breast mass. View
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