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Adnexal Tumours

About the Module

Classification of adnexal tumours and the array of possible entities can be a source of frustration to dermatopathologists, young and old!

This module deals with common adnexal tumours as well as those that show overlapping features.

This module is posted with the kind permission of Richard Carr, U.K.

About the Author

Dr Richard Carr

Dr Richard Carr MBChB, BMedSci, FRCPath, DipRCPath(DMT), Consultant Histopathologist and Specialist Dermatopathologist.

Dr Carr qualified in 1991 from Sheffield University Medical School and trained in cellular pathology in Birmingham and the South East Thames Regional Rotation culminating in 4 years as a Clinical Lecturer at St Thomas' Hospital, London. Dr Carr previously participated in an international study funded by the National Institutes of Health in to the pathology of cerebral malaria.

Dr Carr developed his interest in Dermatopathology training with world renowned experts Dr Phillip H. McKee and Dr Eduardo Calonje at St Thomas' hospital and the St John's Institute of Dermatology. Dr Carr has the Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) Diploma in Dermatopathology (set at expert referral level) and became an examiner for the diploma in 2005. Dr Carr receives cases for expert opinions from other histopathologists throughout the UK. Dr Carr is on the executive committee of the UK Dermatopathology EQA scheme.

Dr Carr has authored/co-authored 50 published papers and lectures regionally, nationally and internationally in dermatopathology, and has active research interests in dermatopathology and laboratory organisation in cellular pathology.

Dr Carr organises a slide of club of leading experts in the field of melanocytic pathology (allied with the National Dermatopathology EQA scheme), and is committed to post-graduate teaching and receives regular local, national and international visitors to share his extensive slide collection.
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