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Skin resident memory and resident regulatory T cells

Regulatory T cells (Treg) play an important role in controlling ongoing immune responses and silencing exacerbated immune responses. Various subsets of regulatory T cell populations have been identified and are subdivided based on their surrounding microenvironment, expression of activation molecules, production of cytokines, and mechanisms of action. Briefly, naturally occurring thymic-derived CD4+CD25+ Treg are characterized by their constitutive expression of the transcription factor FOXP3, w

Guest Felix J. Tapia

Guest Felix J. Tapia

The guardians of the skin immune system

It has been well established that the epithelia are major components of the immune system. Together with secondary lymphoid organs (ig. lymph nodes, Payer´s patch, etc.), they comprise the activation sites of the Skin and Mucosal Immune Systems, also known as Peripheral or Tegumentary Immune System. Therefore, the epidermis is an essential place for immunemodulation. Base on a series of articles by [b]Ralf Paus[/b] and collaborators from the University of Hamburg in Germany, in relation t

Guest Felix J. Tapia

Guest Felix J. Tapia

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